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Máx (Width x Height) 94in x 137in

At Tanmax, we are not only proud to offer the highest quality and design but also take care of the environment through our recycling program. We know that renovations in your home or business can generate residual material and that is why we are offering a service for the recycling of shades and curtains.

We believe that being responsible with the environment is fundamental in contributing with the community’s well being. For this reason we offer our clients the options to recicle their used shades and curtains. We have made a commitment to follow sustainable practices in every step of our processes from production to supply and delivery.

When we recycle our shades and curtains we are reducing the environmental impact these residues could create but we are also contributing to a significant reduction in the amount of raw material that is needed for the production of new products. This recycling service is yet another way for us to demonstrate our commitment with our planet. If you would like to obtain more information regarding how to adequately recycle the shades and curtains you no longer need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to work together and help our environment while protecting our planet.

In actuality, the management of residues and raw material has become more relevant to our society. We believe every company has the responsibility to implement policies and strategies to minimize the environmental impact of their products and precesses. At Tanmax we have adopted a zero waste policy which includes not only materiales and waste generated during production but also waste from our daily operations.

The implementation of this zero waste policy includes every step of our production process and the adoption of more sustainable practices. We look for the reducción of residues through a better design within our products, the creation of a more sustainable supply chain and better quality control. Through the implementation of these sustainable practices we have improved the recycling and reutilization of all residue in order to minimize our environmental impact.

This policy not only benefits our environment but also creates significant economic savings for the company. A reduction in residues results not only in the decrease in raw material but also in production costs. The implementation of these sustainable practices improves the companies image not only for our customers but also for possible investors.

Today this zero waste policy for production residue and manufacturing operations is a necessity. Is is equally important to decrease the company’s environmental impact as it is to upgrade its efficiency and economy. In adopting this policy, Tanmax is demonstrating its commitment with our planet and natural environment thus creating a determining factor in the company’s long term success.