Blackout Ulfar (Anthracite)


The Blackout Ulfar Curtains (Anthracite) set a new standard of comfort and privacy in interior spaces. Perfect for achieving total environmental control with style and functionality. From bedrooms to commercial spaces, these curtains blend elegance with advanced technology.


  • The deep dark tone not only adds depth and character but also facilitates a seamless integration with various interior design schemes.
  • Its specialized pleats minimize echo and external sounds, contributing to a serene and focused environment.
  • The curtains feature anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, offering a safer and healthier space.
  • Equipped with an intuitive handling system, they allow effortless adjustments to meet lighting and privacy needs.
  • Perfect for any space, from a quiet bedroom to work and commercial areas, adapting to a wide range of needs.The Blackout Ulfar curtains in Anthracite color offer a new option for comfort and privacy with an unmistakable style. They establish a perfectly controlled environment, free from external distractions and harmoniously designed.