Blackout Aegir (Anthracite)


The Blackout Aegir Curtains in Anthracite tone set a new standard for comfort and privacy in interior spaces. Perfect for achieving total control of the environment with style and functionality. From bedrooms to commercial spaces, these curtains merge elegance with advanced technology.


  • Designed to provide complete darkness, it blocks the entry of sunlight, creating a perfect environment for bedrooms or projection rooms.
  • Minimizes external noises and echo, providing a quiet and silent environment.
  • Includes a wand for easy and precise adjustment, allowing for comfortable and efficient handling.
  • Helps maintain a stable interior temperature, reducing the need for artificial air conditioning.
  • Offers total visual blocking from the outside, ensuring unparalleled privacy.

The Blackout Aegir from TecnoShades is the ideal curtain for those who need extreme control of light, privacy, and acoustic insulation, combining advanced functionality with an elegant and sustainable design.