Sterling Metallic (Light Gray) Baston

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Experience the perfect fusion of advanced technology and design with the Sterling Metallic blind in Light Grey color from TecnoShades. This model redefines the concept of blinds with its unique metallized finish and its ability to efficiently control light and temperature, making it an ideal choice for modern environments that require both functionality and style.



  • With a main color front and a metallized reverse, it offers a versatile design and enhanced functionality.
  • The metallized side, oriented towards the glass, prevents the increase of temperature inside, keeping spaces cool.
  • Despite its ability to block heat, it allows a generous entry of natural light and a clear view of the outside.
  • Includes an intuitive control system with a rod, facilitating the adjustment and handling of the blind.
  • Its Light Gray shade adds a touch of elegance and modernity, easily adapting to any interior style.

Sterling Metallic in Light Grey from TecnoShades is a revolutionary blind that offers optimal solar control and a modern design, ideal for those looking to combine innovation, style, and comfort in their spaces.