Sterling Metallic (Anthracite)

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The Sterling Metallic blind in Anthracite tone from TecnoShades is an emblem of innovation in design and efficiency. Made with an advanced German metallic fabric, this model is a practical solution for climate and light control. Perfect for modern environments, from homes to corporate spaces, it perfectly combines elegance, functionality, and environmental responsibility.



  • Its dark color brings an innate elegance, enhancing any environment with a modern and discreet style.
  • The quality and durability of the Sterling Metallic fabric, originating from Germany, ensure a high-performance product with a long lifespan.
  • Its characteristic metallized face, created using advanced aluminum treatment techniques, acts as an effective solar shield.
  • It allows controlled entry of light, providing clarity without the adverse effects of solar heat.
  • Facing outward, the metallized face efficiently reflects sunlight, controlling the interior temperature without completely darkening the space.

Sterling Metallic in Anthracite from TecnoShades is more than a blind; it’s a statement of design and efficiency. Offering an optimal balance between solar protection, lighting, and style, it is the perfect choice to enrich spaces with a touch of modernity and sustainability.