Solar Screen 5% (White Pearl)

Original price was: $76.98.Current price is: $46.19.

Explore the Solar Screen 5% model in White Pearl from TecnoShades, a blind that skillfully combines elegant design, advanced functionality, and sustainability. Perfect for environments requiring light control and exterior visibility, this model brings safety and style to any space.



  • Its soft and elegant color adds an atmosphere of serenity and clarity to any room.
  • Its resistance to flammability ensures a superior level of safety in any space.
  • Ideal for both home and commercial and corporate environments, adapting to different needs.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, this model ensures a long lifespan with minimal effort.
  • It helps conserve energy, maintaining an optimal thermal balance inside.

The Solar Screen 5% model in White Pearl from TecnoShades is an ideal choice for those looking to balance style and functionality. It offers a clear outside view, efficient control of light and heat, and an elegant and safe design, all in an eco-friendly and easy-to-maintain fabric, perfectly adapting to modern and sophisticated environments.