Solar Screen 10% (White Pearl)

Original price was: $76.98.Current price is: $38.49.

Introducing the Solar Screen 10% blind in White Pearl from TecnoShades, a fusion of stylized design and cutting-edge technology. This model not only beautifies any space with its delicate hue but also incorporates advanced features for optimal protection and comfort.



  • Its White Pearl tone brings a serene and elegant style, ideal for environments that value subtlety and distinction.
  • Its versatility makes it perfect for both residential and commercial or corporate spaces.
  • It protects interiors from solar damage, prolonging the life of furniture and floors.
  • Made with 100% recyclable materials, it combines sustainability with resistance and durability.
  • Its design simplifies both installation and maintenance, adapting to any environment.

The Solar Screen 10% model in White Pearl from TecnoShades is an exceptional solution for those looking to combine elegant design with safety features and sustainability, perfect for any modern space.