Solar Screen 10% (White Linen) Baston


Reimagine functionality and aesthetics in your spaces with the Solar Screen 10% model in White Linen from TecnoShades. This model, standing out with its raw and elegant tone, is an ideal solution for those looking to harmonize protection, comfort, and design in their environment.



  • Its color provides a natural and serene aesthetic, ideal for creating warm and welcoming environments.
  • It incorporates a rod that facilitates adjustment and handling, allowing for practical and precise control.
  • Its soft and neutral tone easily adapts to different styles of decoration.
  • It helps to keep interior spaces cool and reduces glare for greater comfort.
  • Its design and materials ensure easy cleaning and minimal maintenance.

The Solar Screen 10% model in White Linen from TecnoShades merges style, protection, and practicality, becoming a preferred option for those who value both functionality and aesthetics in their blinds.