Sheer Elegance (Chocolate) Baston

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The Sheer Elegance blind in chocolate tone from TecnoShades is an avant-garde model, ideal for a variety of settings, from homes to corporate spaces. It stands out for its innovative composition of opaque and transparent stripes. This feature not only provides exceptional control of light and privacy but also adds an element of sophistication and adaptability to any space.



  • The alternation between opaque and transparent stripes allows a fluid transition between light and shadow, creating a cozy and adaptable atmosphere.
  • Its chocolate color enriches spaces with a sense of warmth and luxury, complementing any interior decoration.
  • The variable alignment of the stripes allows for everything from full illumination to soft dimming, suitable for every moment of the day.
  • Ensures a safe and healthy environment, ideal for any type of space.
  • Includes a control system with a rod, facilitating the ergonomic and efficient adjustment and handling of the blind.

Sheer Elegance in chocolate color from TecnoShades is the perfect choice for those who desire precise control of light and privacy without sacrificing style. With its unique design and advanced functionalities, this blind transforms any setting into a more welcoming and aesthetically appealing space.