Solar Screen 5% (White Linen)

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Experience the perfect union of elegance and efficiency with the Solar Screen 5% blind in White Linen from TecnoShades. This design, in a refined White Linen tone, offers a sophisticated and practical solution for solar light control in residential and commercial spaces, standing out for its safety and sustainable approach.



  • The White Linen color adds a touch of naturalness and elegance, complementing any decoration with softness.
  • Ideal for contemporary environments, it strikes a balance between fashion and practicality.
  • It requires little effort for cleaning and care, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • It contributes to energy conservation, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.
  • It allows for clear observation of the outside, offering a balance between privacy and connection with the surroundings.

The Solar Screen 5% model in White Linen from TecnoShades stands out for its soft White Linen tone and advanced functionality. It offers excellent solar protection, optimized exterior visibility, and fire safety, all in a sustainable and easy-to-handle design, perfect for aesthetically enriching any residential or commercial space.