Solar Screen 10% (White Linen)

Original price was: $96.78.Current price is: $58.07.

Discover innovation in blind design with the Solar Screen 10% model in White Linen from TecnoShades. This model, standing out for its subtle tone, is a perfect choice for spaces seeking safety, functionality, and a touch of natural sophistication.



  • The White Linen provides a soft and natural style, ideal for environments seeking a touch of tranquility and elegance.
  • It effectively filters sunlight, protecting interiors from UV damage while maintaining a pleasant climate.
  • Innovative materials offer fire resistance, increasing safety in any space.
  • Its neutral and natural design easily adapts to various decorative styles, from rustic to contemporary.
  • Despite its solar protection, it allows natural light to pass through, creating bright and welcoming spaces.

The Solar Screen 10% model in White Linen from TecnoShades is a perfect solution for those looking for functionality, safety, and sustainable design. Ideal for a wide range of spaces, it brings natural elegance and effective protection.