Solar Screen 10% UW (Ultra White)

Original price was: $125.38.Current price is: $62.69.

Transform your spaces with the Solar Screen 10% UW blind in Ultra White from TecnoShades, an innovative combination of design, brightness, and functionality. This blind not only enhances the aesthetics of your environment but also facilitates its integration and protects against UV rays.



  • The Ultra White tone enhances each room, offering a sense of spaciousness and brightness, ideal for environments seeking a fresh and lively atmosphere.
  • Its ability to allow a clear exterior view in bright white tones provides a lit and open setting.
  • Designed for quick and hassle-free placement, this blind easily adapts to any type of window, blending with various architectural styles.
  • Its specialized structure offers a barrier against harmful ultraviolet rays, preserving furniture and floors from fading and extending their lifespan.

The Solar Screen 10% UW blind in Ultra White from TecnoShades is an elegant and practical solution for illuminating and protecting your spaces, bringing a touch of modernity and comfort.