Sheer Elegance (White) Baston

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The Sheer Elegance blind in white from TecnoShades is an innovation in the world of blinds, combining style, functionality, and sustainability. This unique model, with its design of opaque and transparent stripes, offers unprecedented versatility in light and privacy control, ideal for residential, commercial, and corporate environments looking for a balance between aesthetics and efficiency.



  • Its white color brings brightness and spaciousness, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for any style of decor.
  • The alternation of opaque and transparent stripes allows for unique control of light and privacy, adapting to different needs throughout the day.
  • Aligned transparent stripes provide abundant light and moderate visibility, while overlapped opaque stripes offer near-total privacy.
  • It facilitates precise and comfortable adjustment, allowing for easy changes to the atmosphere of the space.
  • It effectively protects against solar rays, reducing heat and preventing glare.

Sheer Elegance in white from TecnoShades is the perfect solution for those looking for style and functionality in a single blind. With its innovative design and advanced features, this blind transforms any space into a more welcoming and attractive environment.