Sheer Elegance (Light Gray) Baston

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The Sheer Elegance blind in white from TecnoShades is not just a window covering but a statement of design and advanced functionality. This model stands out for its interplay of opaque and transparent stripes, offering an elegant and adaptable solution for light and privacy control in modern environments, whether residential, commercial, or corporate.



  • Its Light Gray color brings a touch of modern sophistication, harmoniously blending with various interior design schemes.
  • The distinctive feature of opaque and transparent stripes allows for exquisite and versatile light control, adapting to changing needs throughout the day.
  • The alignment of transparent stripes allows the entry of natural light, effectively and pleasantly illuminating the space.
  • Includes a control mechanism with a rod, designed to be easy to use, ensuring quick and efficient adjustments.
  • Offers protection against heat and sunlight, keeping the environment cool and comfortable.

Sheer Elegance in Light Grey from TecnoShades is the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality. This blind not only enhances the beauty of spaces but also provides innovative solutions for light and privacy control, elegantly adapting to any contemporary environment.