Kiara (Beige) Baston

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The KIARA blind in beige color from TecnoShades, with its exclusive Kiara fabric, represents an advancement in design and functionality for modern blinds. This blind, ideal for a variety of spaces, combines beauty, protection, and practicality, offering an elegant and efficient solution for light control and privacy.


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  • Its distinctive texture, with fine intertwined thread lines, creates a beautiful pattern that adds a touch of elegance and originality.
  • It offers a perfect balance between privacy and connection with the outside, maintaining a clear and protected view.
  • Allows the entry of natural light while effectively filtering heat, keeping spaces illuminated and cool.
  • Minimizes sun glare, providing improved visual comfort indoors.
  • Incorporates a simple and ergonomic control system, facilitating its use and adjustment.

The KIARA blind in beige color is an ideal choice for those looking for a unique combination of design, functionality, and sustainability. With its distinctive fabric and advanced features, it is perfect for enriching and protecting any environment.