Blackout (Anthracite) Baston

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The Blackout model in Anthracite from TecnoShades, with its sophisticated beige tone, is a comprehensive solution for those seeking total darkness and privacy in their spaces. This model combines cutting-edge technology and elegant design, ideal for residential, commercial, and corporate environments requiring effective solar light blocking and acoustic comfort.


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  • A neutral and elegant color that adapts to different decorative styles, adding a touch of discreet elegance to any room.
  • Designed to offer complete darkness, it blocks the entry of sunlight, creating a perfect environment for bedrooms or projection rooms.
  • Includes a rod for easy and precise adjustment, allowing comfortable and efficient handling.
  • Offers total visual blocking from the outside, ensuring unparalleled privacy.
  • Designed for practical placement and simple care, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.

The Blackout in Anthracite from TecnoShades is the ideal blind for those who need extreme light control, privacy, and sound insulation, combining advanced functionality with an elegant and sustainable design.