Blackout (Light Gray) Baston

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The Blackout model in Light Gray from TecnoShades redefines functionality and style in blinds. This model, perfect for a wide variety of environments, offers a comprehensive solution for darkening, privacy, and environmental control. Designed for spaces requiring complete light blocking and a modern aesthetic, this model is ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.


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  • Its Light Gray color brings a contemporary and versatile aesthetic, easy to integrate into any decor.
  • Effectively blocks all light entry, providing perfect darkness.
  • Prevents the passage of UV rays and reduces heat transfer, keeping spaces cool and protected.
  • Ensures complete privacy, preventing visibility from the outside.
  • Incorporates an ergonomic rod for easy adjustment.

The Blackout in Light Gray from TecnoShades is an innovative blind that combines total darkening, advanced functionality, and modern design, ideal for spaces that require light control, privacy, and a cozy atmosphere.