Blackout (Ivory) Baston

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The Blackout model in Ivory color from TecnoShades is the perfect solution for those seeking total darkness and unparalleled privacy. Designed for exceptional performance, this model not only effectively blocks light and heat but also provides acoustic and antibacterial benefits, ideal for any residential, commercial, or corporate environment.


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  • The Ivory color adds a touch of sophistication and warmth, harmoniously integrating into any decor.
  • Designed to completely block light, ideal for spaces that require a controlled dark environment.
  • Prevents the entry of sunlight, providing efficient thermal control and protection against UV rays.
  • Includes a practical and ergonomic rod for simple and effective handling.
  • Designed for easy integration into any type of window or space.

The Blackout in Ivory from TecnoShades is an exceptional option for controlling light, heat, and noise, providing an environment perfectly adapted to the needs of privacy and comfort.