Blackout (Anthracite)

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The Blackout model in Anthracite from TecnoShades redefines the experience of comfort and privacy in interior spaces. With its distinctive shade and advanced functionalities, this blind is ideal for those seeking absolute environmental control, from bedrooms to offices and commercial spaces, combining elegance with cutting-edge technology.


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  • Its Anthracite color is perfect for complementing various styles of decor, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity.
  • It significantly reduces external noise, creating a peaceful environment conducive to concentration or rest.
  • Blocks harmful sunlight, protecting interiors from fading and deterioration. I
  • deal for spaces that require total light blocking, such as projection rooms or bedrooms.
  • Made with recyclable fabrics, it promotes sustainability without compromising quality and durability.

The Blackout in Anthracite from TecnoShades is an exceptional choice for those who value functionality, safety, and design. It offers a unique combination of total light control, sound insulation, and antibacterial properties, all in an elegant design.